Participation Standards

The participation standards proof the eligibility to get accepted to the association. The Athletes standards differ from those for the Volunteers. All future members need to fill out the short application form below. The membership is free for everyone!

Application Form


Athletes need to fulfill at least one of the stated standards (see below). This norm needs to be archived during the last two years. After acceptance at least every second year. The sport and proof of the standard (weblink to result/athlet biografie) are to be provided in the application form. If not further specified is the competiton on an international level or the accepatance in a national or regional cadre enough proof.


Volunteers do not need to provide a sport standard. However, they must support at least one department of their choice. The department needs to be selected in the application form.

Unfortunately we do not have yet experts for every listed sport. It is a possibility that standards too strict or too loose. Contact us if you think that is the case and we will discuss the matter within our team.
Additionally if your sport is not listed, but should be on the list contact us as well.

Event M W M U23 W U23 M U20 W U20