Munich Student Athletes Club e.V. is a mixture between a student association and a sport association. We want to combine parts of both worlds. That is why we came up with a three pillar structure.


We belive that it is helpfull and important to have exchange with your peers. We want to form a community of high performing student athletes to encourage exchange over sport, help to find your peers in university courses and to have fun.

Assistance & Benefits

We want to assist our student athletes when having problems with the university by mediating them to the corresponding offices and to mediate new arriving students to suitable sport associations.
Furthermore we can provide our members with sport event tickets, discounts and others


As an association representing many student athletes in munich we want to represent their rights and issues. We can talk with the universities, associations and others about problems and improvements, but they can also come to us. Through us, topics that concern especialy student athletes can be adressed.